Painting workshops

Awaken the painter in you and join us.

In Grohar’s house, the passion for painting is still spreading, but you can also surrender to it. In the painting studio, you will learn about different painting techniques or the secrets of the great painters, the laws of the colour wheel and colour mixing under expert guidance, and we will also enrich everything with art theory. With the art materials you will get from us, you will be able to draw your own drawing or painting and take it home. Different substrates can be used for painting – wood, stone, fabric, glass, paper… Do your fingers get itchy? Call and contact us.

You can also watch a short film about Grohar’s painting.

Music workshops

“There is nothing in nature more beautiful and perfect than music. She directs man to the depths of his soul.” (Marij Kogoj)

Both visitors who are already involved in music and complete beginners can go into the depths of the mysteries of music in the Music Room and meet percussion instruments, learn about African drums, congas, bongos, xylophones, metallophones, timpani, various small rhythmic percussion instruments, a drum set – battery, concert bells and much more at the Music Workshop. We have an instrument for each of you and at the end, we will all play together in a real percussion orchestra. The harmony of the sounds of these musical instruments will surely enrich and relax you.