On Grohar’s path

Enjoy the fresh air, get to know the cultural heritage of our region, enjoy the natural beauty of a hill village and walk the Grohar path or visit the picturesque village of Spodnje Danje. Wonderful nature invites you to surrender to its charms and forget your worries and obligations for a while.

Walking path in Sorica:

  • A walk through the village – a tour of the ethnographic and architectural heritage of the place (duration: 1 hour)

On a walk around the village, you will get to know the architectural heritage of the place. The path from in front of Grohar’s house leads you first through Spodnja Sorica (known locally as “Nidre”) and down the slope over “Lajšta”. At the bottom of “Lajšte”, turn right at the crossroads by the Tolc guesthouse, where you will have an open view of the Church of St. Nikolaj. From there, walk towards the main road and stop at the Grohar Monument at the top. At the chapel, cross the main road and follow the track which leads to the church. Around the cemetery wall are huge lime trees, estimated to be around 500 years old. From the church, return along the main road and turn into Zgornja Sorica. Below the school, turn left down into the valley of the Sora River, where many mills and sawmills used to stand. Cross the bridge and turn right up the hill to Lipar’s house. The owner keeps a rich collection of items in it, which he will be happy to show you if he is at home. Continue along the ridge, a view of Zgornja Sorica appears. Sit on a bench under the larch tree for a moment and enjoy the view. Continue along the main road and at the first turning turn right into the village, pass the farm at “Keržar”, cross the river Sora, the path leads you through Zgornja Sorica – “Erble”, “Drfle” and “Trmavn” back to the starting point.

  • Hike to Spodnje Danje (duration: 2 hours)

Spodnje Danje is a picturesque village below Ratitovec, known for its grassy pier with the church of St. Mark. On the way, you meet mighty hayracks, pass the source of the river Sora, see the deposits of slate, etc.

In front of Grohar’s house, turn into Zgornja Sorica, pass the school, continue along the grassy slope and you will reach the main road. You cross the road and turn into a grove. The path climbs gently along the top of the ridge, with Zgornja Sorica on your left. After a few minutes of walking you reach the main road and soon turn right towards Spodnje Danje. In the distance you can already see your destination, the church of St. Mark. On the way there, you can see deposits of slate, which was dug for roofing around here. Even today, some houses and hayrack are covered with it. When you reach the church, you can relax for a moment and enjoy the view of Ratitovec (1666 m), the village of Zgornje Danje, Zabrdo. Part of the way back along the same path, then in Zgornja Sorica turn right into the village. You pass the spring of the Sora River and pass through the village right next to it to the starting point of our route.

  • On Grohar’s path (duration: 3 hours)

You will walk the path that Ivan Grohar used to go to school in Sorica every day. When he was two years old, the family moved from his birth house in Sorica to the Heblarje hillside and homestead. The natural beauty of his home region marked Grohar’s youth and strongly influenced his later work. Many of his motifs come from this environment, the most well-known one is from his painting Larchesen, which comes from the immediate surroundings of his homestead.

Start the path at Grohar’s house. Go left down the main road and after 100 meters turn right into Zgornja Sorica. At the top of the slope by the school, go left and follow the lower road down into the valley towards the River Sora. Continue along the paved road further into the valley (500 m) when you get a yellow sign Grohar’s path directs you right uphill.