Sorica is a small village with many beautiful corners. Here you can observe wonderful unspoilt nature, meadows cultivated by diligent locals and forests where you can rest and take a nice walk. Sorica is intertwined with several walking paths; each one unique, different and opening new possibilities. We invite you to get to know Sorica step by step and take time to uncover new dimensions. The paths are variously long and variously difficult. Listen to yourself and choose the one that you like the most.

Architectural heritage trail

The path is recommended for everyone who would like to learn about Sorica’s history through the architectural culture. You will see Sorica’s traditional “pajštuba” as they call a little hut for drying fruit, the granary, a hayrack, the Baroque church and other jewels of architecture in Sorica.

The Sorica theme path

The Sorica Theme Path has been designed to show visitors a part of Sorica’s history and legends and to draw attention to some of the most attractive points in the village. The wonderful landscape, which together with the larch trees inspired the painter Ivan Grohar, is also to be admired. The path is very well marked and all along the way you will find boards with basic information that might be useful.

The Šprücar waterfall hike

For visitors who want a quick escape in nature, a short hike to the Šprücar waterfall is a perfect choice. The path is located on the edge of the village. It is well marked and suitable for everyone in slight shape. From the road it takes about 15 minutes to get to the waterfall. The view will remind you how small we are compared to nature. Let the roaring water wash away your worries.

Walking path in Košta

This path shows the very essence of natural beauty in Sorica. It is short, but surrounded by tall trees it will take you to a bench with a breath-taking view over the lower part of the village and the hills rising above it. The peace and quiet is so amazing you will remember it when you get back to the busy everyday life and it will make you want to return.

Villages under the Ratitovec mountain (Spodnje Danje, Zgornje Danje, Zabrdo, Torka)

Sorica is an ideal starting point for a short trip to the villages under the Ratitovec mountain. The path leads through all of the above mentioned villages and if you wish you can continue all the way to Ratitovec. They say time stops on top. As you walk ahead, the surrounding nature and architecture will take you back to the times passed. Indulge in the fresh air; let the breeze caress your skin, enjoy the greenness of blossoming trees, dance with the falling autumnal leaves.