To experience a small part of life of Ivan Grohar, the famous Slovene painter, take a walk along Grohar’s path to his home in Geblarji. A one way route starts at Grohar’s House where he was born, follows yellow signposts and after four kilometres brings you to Martin’s house in Geblarji. That is the same route little Grohar took to get to school every day. You can relive it with your family, for it is not difficult and thus suitable for a nice Sunday hike.

We also recommend a visit to Grohar’s House which offers Grohar’s memorial collection, a collection of ethnographical objects and the speciality: music and art workshops which guarantee fun no matter the talent.

Grohar’s House contact:

+00386 41 379 819 (Gašper),

+00386 31 433 275 (Miro),

+00386 4 51 97 022 (Grohar’s House)