The Sorica Tourist Association has been organising the event Hello fall (previously Sadovi Sadovnjaka, Sadovi jeseni) event as its main cultural and ethnological event for more than twenty years. 

The main event is dedicated to the preservation and presentation of local and traditional customs, ethnological and cultural values and has touched on many interesting topics in its rich history. 

The members of the Tourist Board revived the drying and pressing of fruit (in the pajštuba – fruit press), prepared a demonstration of wool-making and sheep shearing, hunting customs, the making of traditional dishes, showed other autumn tasks in the village, and always enriched the ethnological part of the event with a selection of local music, folk songs and the preparation of a variety of historical exhibitions. 

Since 2019, the main event Hello fall is intended to preserve the history of the Tyrolean settlement of the Zgornja Selška Valley. The village of Sorica was inhabited in the 13th century by the inhabitants of Innichen, from where they were settled by the bishops of Freising due to the shrinking territory and surplus population. As part of the event, the members of the Tourist Association try to preserve the rich cultural heritage that dates back to those times: from the special old dialect, the names of the fallow, the cultural landscape and the architecture to the traditional visit to Innichen, where a delegation from Sorice donates a large candle and a monetary indulgence (Kaefergeld) to protect their land.

Hello fall traditionally takes place in Sorica on the second weekend of September as a two-day event. Children from the association’s tourism sub-team also take part in the preparation of the event, and the hungry and thirsty are always catered for.  

The members of the tourist association, with their voluntary work and the desire to present Sorica in the most beautiful image possible, prepare an event worth visiting for visitors. Welcome!